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Well, this is fun for any colorist or stylist! Granny hair is trending these days! I couldn't resist it, so now I have gray hair too! I think it's fabulous, and kinda funny. Gray  grannies are leading the hair fashion styles. If you have naturally grey hair, you're suddenly in luck, and right on trend!

The old becomes new!
For all these years I've helped "gray people," men and women, to disguise this sign of aging. Women would do anything to conceal those grey hairs. But now it's young people who desperately want to be grey! It's all such a twist in fashion - to think our grandmothers are now one step ahead, and so wise, it doesn't cost them anything!

The cost
If you're not naturally gray you do need deep pockets to get that much wanted gray hair. It takes a stylist sometimes three hours or more to get the blonde hair you need before the colour goes on. So prices for going gray range from $200 - $700, depending on your hair, the length, the style, and so on. But at the end of it you'll have beautiful silvery hair, in whatever look you want.

Famous and Gray
I love to see gray hair on all women. It's fascinating to see how they style it, how they look with it. Lady Gaga and Rihanna are gray today, that's a recommendation! For more pics click this link: http://thechive.com/2015/04/04/the-granny-hair-trend-is-something-we-can-all-get-behind-25-photos

Would you get into trending with Granny hair? I'm interested in your thoughts about this, 'cause I want to develop the "granny hair" side of my biz. With this in mind, I'm prepared to give you $25 off a granny hair color treatment!

And even if you aren't in my area, send in your gray hair pics, taken by you, and we'll publish them here! You'll be famous!

Something you might not know!

See this gross looking box full of hair? I'm fanatical about sweeping up hair after each customer. At the end of a day that's a lot of hair! Do we throw it away? Well, no. This is a precious commodity for us!  Click the link to read how the hair is used for soaking up oil spills:

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This month I'm focusing on curly hair. If you're a curl girl, this one's for you!

I can't tell you how often girls with curls come in for a haircut, terrified I won't understand their unique problems. It IS different when you cut curly hair, but I love the science involved in doing it. For me, it's fun and creative to work on tresses with those lovely waves and curls. I've done lots of training that make me confident you'll walk out of my salon feeling you've been listened to, and I've heard and followed through.

I'm using some great products for curly hair, and I'd love if you'd come in a give them a try. The product line I use is DevaCurl.

What I love about the DevaCurl is this company only comes out with curly hair products! They really know what they're doing!

They're all are 100% sulfate, silicone and paraben free, but that's not the end of these fabulous products. There are wonderful hydrating cleansers and conditioners, and easy styling helps for wet or dry curls. You're going to discover a new world of options for your curls!

A zero-lather hair and scalp cleanser for curly and African-American hair

Cleanses and hydrates the hair without the use of sulfates

Grape-seed oil (cleanses and conditions); balm mint extract and hops extract (strengthen and condition)

This no-lather gel has a minty-floral scent; peppermint oil gives the shampoo a tingly effect.

WHY I love it!  Too much shampooing can leave curly hair a dry, frizzy mess. But this mild wash gently cleanses without stripping and leaves hair soft. Plus, the refreshing rose-and-peppermint scent is great.

Couple of tips for curly hair

You know how it looks like a scruffy bird's nest in the morning after you've slept? Well, try sleeping on a silk pillowcase. Sure fire remedy!

Don't be cruel to your curls by towel drying with a towel! Use a tee shirt and see the difference!

Model of the month

Is this you?
If so, please know you're entitled to $10 off your next treatment! Each month I'll be photographing my work, and there'll be a random choice featured here! So keep your eyes open and watch for yourself!

foto via Victoria Warner of WarnerWords.weebly.com
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See you next month. ☺


<![CDATA[Ouchless Help For Ingrown Toenails!]]>Sun, 12 Apr 2015 15:30:03 GMThttp://vclaysonsass.weebly.com/blog/ouchless-help-for-ingrown-toenailsPictureVanessa Clayson
Walking around with an ingrown toenail can lend a new meaning to PAIN!

At first you tell yourself, it's bearable. You leave it. You grit your teeth as you cram those poor little feet into their shoes. You pray for hot weather so you can wear your flip flops, with your now swollen toe peacefully sticking out. But it's still pain.

Finally you know you just can't take too much more. It's looking red. It's nagging, screaming at you, "Do Something!"

You cast around, thinking, always aware of that painful, tortured toe.

Who do you think of first for that pain? Is it your pharmacist? Tried that. 
Is it your doctor? Surgery, or maybe he's recommending a podiatrist?

Unless you've experienced  healing this painful problem with me before, or have a friend that's been treated by me, I'm willing to bet you've not thought about me, your hairdresser and esthetician, trained in using a successful cure for your poor painful toenail!

About B/S Splints

I'm using B/S splints these days, and customers are coming in droves to have me deal with their pain! It's an exciting, non-surgical method of gently pulling the offending, painful toe nail into its correct position, while at the same time getting rid of infections that often come with the problem.

B/S splints are quality made, and have been developed over many years. I'm proud to tell you I'm trained to use these amazing nail splints and am getting huge client approval with the results. Here's a short video, showing the general method of using them.

Toenails Can Rule Our Bodies and Backs!

If you have ingrown toenails, the results can be huge! You walk funny so your back can start having problems. You forget to smile, because of the pain! And that can ruin your social life.

If you're suffering from those pesky nails, get help from someone who understands. I've even used this treatment to cure my own ingrown toenail trouble. I'm happy to report that it's completely better after the splint treatment!

Signing off!

Hope you'll look after those precious toenails! And just a reminder - new clients who come into my salon are eligible for a $25.00 discount on any service. 

Please be sure to ask for Vanessa!

Hope your weather's great, and you're having a lovely weekend!


<![CDATA[PPD: What You Should Know!]]>Sun, 08 Mar 2015 17:57:02 GMThttp://vclaysonsass.weebly.com/blog/ppd-what-you-should-knowPictureVanessa Clayson
It's important for you, the hairstylist’s client, to ask questions when you're considering coloring your hair. It's something that still amazes me; with new awareness of hair coloring chemicals and their dangers, hardly any clients will challenge the choices of colourings their hairdresser decides to use!

The colour you're aiming for is important of course. But, you have to go a little further than this, because to get that colour, you're going to usually find an ingredient called PPD listed on your hairdresser's box of tricks. If you've decided to go with a drugstore "box" colour, be aware that ALL of those contain PPD.

It sounds harmless enough, as long as you're saying "PPD” but, I doubt very many people would even know what you're talking about. They'd know even less if you spelled out this word. It's a chemical compound and its name is p-phenylenediamine.

It used to be an important part of the hair coloring process, mainly  because it significantly increased colour longevity through many washing and permings. It's colourless, and needs an oxidizer or developer to make it coloured. PPD hair dyes usually come packaged as two bottles, one that has   the PPD dye preparation and the other containing the developer or oxidizer. They have to be mixed together. Permanent colouring has more PPD than semi-permanent, and that's why it lasts longer. I say “used to be” because now there are much better options that you should insist on!  Your hairstylist should not be using colouring that contains ANY PPD!

Fortunately PPD is now recognized as a harmful chemical to the body, and manufacturers are having to step up to the plate and use alternative hair dyes. This chemical is now banned in Germany, France and Sweden. Connections to cancer have been made, although there are no definitive findings yet. 

There have been many reports of severe allergic reactions, especially with dark hair colours. You can use a colour containing PPD for years and never have a problem, and then one day -  BAM! Reactions range from mild and uncomfortable to severe, and can even end in death.

Below are pictures of a friend who used the drugstore colouring until she had this reaction. She was lucky to recover.

Once you've suffered a reaction your sensitization is almost always permanent. You'll be carrying one or two Epi-pens with you, wherever you go. You see, PPD is also used in kerosene, gasoline, (you won't be able to go near a gas pump) pen ink, food and medication dyes, and some drugs like Novocaine and Benzocaine, plus all the sulfa drugs. 

I'm happy to tell you the colour used in my salon is 100% PPD free. Actually, your hair feels healthier, and looks healthier when you use Davines, A New Colour, an organic product, that I'm just thrilled to use! 

It doesn't cost extra either. It's odor free and fragrance free, so my clients and I  are in a win-win situation. 

I love using this product, and I'm confident you will too. Feel free to contact me for your allergy-free hair colouring needs.

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Remember those strong smells associated with coloring your hair? Well, if you think it's bad for you, I'm here to tell you it's really tough on your hair stylist too!

The chemical-odor that you endured during processing is ammonia, and it's not really something most people ever look forward to. In fact, a number of people are extremely sensitive to it.

Times have changed, hair technology too, and we should all be thankful! If you're coloring your hair it may be time for a rethink of how you want your hair to look and feel on an everyday basis.

I've started using DavinesA New Colour, and I'm so impressed!

A New Colour is 100% ammonia free, 100 % ppd free, and 100 % fragrance free. To me this is a really big deal, as I'm sensitive to the strong odors of ammonia. There used to be no getting around it - ammonia was used to open the hair cuticles so that the colour could be absorbed into the hair shaft.

What I love about it is it makes your hair feel healthier than before you coloured it!  I have only been using Davines colour for a short time but could not be happier with the results. The shine that it gives clients is amazing. 100% grey coverage with absolutely no smell!

All of my clients love the benefits of the colour line and are happily surprised about the durability, especially the reds, which tend to fade really fast.

To prove my point, take a look at this! 

A number of my clients with white hair are also thrilled to experience A New Colour! So gentle, so pleasant to use, and the results are just spectacular!

You might be interested in watching this video that explains more about - A New Colour. 

My February Special!

I'm not just into colouring though! I love styling and cutting too! And let's not forget professional pedicures to pamper yourself! Oh, and I love to do fabulous manicures too!  Beauty is such a blast!

Still a number of days before my February special services runs out - $25.00 off any one of these services for new clients!


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Hi Everyone!

I'm happy to welcome you to my brand new business site!

On this page I'm excited to share quality educational beauty news and tips with you. I'm hoping to dispel myths about various topics within the beauty industry, and encourage you to ask questions that maybe you've forgotten to bring up during your own treatments.

This is a celebration month! Valentine's Day is almost upon us, and what better excuse to celebrate love than to emerge from a hair or other treatment feeling pampered and beautiful!

Here's a wonderful and affordable offer. For the entire month of February, celebrate by having a professional manicure/pedicure special, priced at $60.00

Don't forget - all new referrals by existing clients get a thank you of $5.00 off your own price!

And to cap off the big breaks, my new clients receive $25.00 off any treatment they choose. I'm pretty certain you'll love the results so much you'll want to stay!

Thanks for visiting here, and see you again soon.

"Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like."